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MediaSort is a tool that automatically renames your media files (pictures, mp3, ...).

With MediaSort, you can index, sort and rename your files with any of their metadata attributes.
For example you can sort :
- your pictures by year/month/day/filename_checksum.jpg or any other EXIF attribute
- your mp3 by author/year/album/title.mp3 or any other MP3 Tag ...

MediaSort is a Java Graphical User Interface based on Ant (
MediaSort is also a "Sorting" Ant FileMapper that can be used with any other Ant tasks to achieve more complex work (Zip, Move, Ftp, Image resizing ...)

Parsers are based on the following libraries :

For more information have look to the screenshots and the documentation...
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Sort and copy pictures

Sort and copy music

Index pictures by date

Index pictures by model and size

Use Mediasort as Ant FileMapper